Terms & Condition

Welcome to UnlockIt's website - Please read these terms and conditions carefully, because using our website and products or services you will be deemed to have accepted them.

Mobile Phone Unlocking Disclaimers

1.0 - Country / Network / Service-Provider Unlock Disclaimer

1.1 - "Country" / "Network" / "Service-Provider" Unlock means, UnlockIt Ltd will unlock your phone to be used in New Zealand with a New Zealand SIM card. Once unlocked, your phone will make and receive phone calls / text messages.

1.2 - This service does not cover any other known or unknown existing faults on your phone (such as sending text, charging function, Internet Access (Vodafone Live), multimedia service (PXT/MMS) & other related phone functions.

1.3 - Some phones may need the phone software to be upgraded or downgraded in order to complete the unlocking procedure. By upgrading/downgrading the phone, you will most likely loss data contents & general setting on your phone. UnlockIt Ltd and the respective staff will not be held responsible for any loss of data and/or settings.

2.0 - Security or PIN Unlock Disclaimer

2.1 - All data such as names, pictures, music, internet settings, etc; may be erased permanently for this unlocking procedure. (This process is NOT REVERSIBLE). You are hereby advised to backup all important information, names & data before submitting your phone to UnlockIt for security/pin code unlocking.

2.2 - This services will give you access to your mobile phone's functions, it DOES NOT cover any existing known or unknown faults of your phone. For example: phone cannot detect network, cannot charge, keypad faulty, speaker, buzzer, microphone faulty, no internet access or MMS functions.

2.3 - If your phone is found to be Blacklisted (barred by a network - ie reported lost or stolen), you are still liable to pay for the agreed unlocking fee.

3.0 - Transit

UnlockIt cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or delays whilst your item is in transit. - However, if a problem occurs we are happy to help you make a claim to the courier company

4.0 - Warranty

4.1 - We offer a 7 day warranty on all repairs, unless otherwise stated

5.0 - Payment

5.1 - All service / product costs must be paid in full before the item is released back to you.

5.2 - UnlockIt Ltd will hold items for repair / unlock for a maximum of three months from the date of completion or date in which we were unable to repair / unlock the device. All accounts that are not paid within three months will have a service fee of $100 added to the existing balance, and the item will disposed of or sold to cover the cost of recovering the debt.

6.0 - Acknowledgement & Indemnification

By using any of UnlockIt Ltd services you are agree to the unlocking terms & conditions. By submitting your device for unlocking, you (the customer) have agreed to the disclaimers stated above; and therefore automatically indemnify UnlockIt Ltd, the management & any of its staff against any liabilities, monetary claims for lost of data & information.

iPhone Unlocking Disclaimers

By submitting your iPhone for unlocking you accept the terms and conditions:

That your iPhone no longer under contract and fully paid off and is not stolen

If your iPhone is under contract / stolen the carrier has the right to RE-LOCK it (for example if your iPhone is locked to Telstra Australia, they can re-lock the iPhone)

Unfortunately this is out of our hands and you will need to take this up with the service provider (ie Telstra Australia in our example)
Note: You will need to advise UnlockIt Ltd staff in advance if WAP/PXT/MMS settings need to be loaded after unlocking (an additional charge may apply)*