Steps to find your IMEI

Here is a quick list of ways to find your 15 Digit IMEI number

1. Your iPhone may show the following screen - Simply click on the information (i) button to display the IMEI



2. If you can access the iPhone, dial *#06# in the dialer keypad and it will show you the IMEI number of your iPhone


3. Through the phone settings (Click onto Settings > General > About > IMEI)



4. Plug your phone into your computer - Open iTunes - Click on your phone and it should display the IMEI on the iTunes screen

We do not recommend using option 5 and 6 (as someone may have changed the box your iPhone came in and/or the sim card tray)

5. Take out the SIM Card holder/tray and you will find the IMEI number written on it


6. Look at the sticker of your iPhone package, you can see the IMEI number at the rear

Still cant find your IMEI of your iPhone? Please drop off or send your iPhone to our store.
Instructions for sending in your phone