Motorola update!

January 7, 2010 — Category: Mobile phone

New Motorola Phones supported

We have added support for newer Motorola models, I have listed a few below (Please note we support thosands of phones so do not hesitate to contact us);


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iPhone Unlock Update!

December 21, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

Apple iPhone OS 3.1.2 Unlock

We have had alot of requests to unlock the new iPhone software. So we thought we’d update our blog 🙂

Customers wanting their iPhone unlocked (1st Gen / 3G / 3Gs) or a quote for repair – click here

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Broken LCD? We can help!

August 31, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

Mobile phone LCD’s available

Broken LCD
We can repair your broken LCD (along with other problems)

We have a huge collection of replacement LCD’s – Here is a quick list of some of the LCD’s we have available

Apple iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs (Touch and LCD’s)

BlackBerry 8900, 9000, 9500/9530

Nokia 2680c
Nokia 3xxx: 3109c, 3110c, 3120c, 3230, 3500, 3600s
Nokia 5610, 5300, 5700 5070/ 5200, 5310, 5320
Nokia 6xxx: 6000, 6060, 6061, 6070, 6080, 6085, 6086, 6110n, 6101, 6102, 6103, 6125, 6136, 6151, 6161, 6120c, 6210n, 6220c, 6233, 6234, 6260, 6265, 6270, 6275, 6280, 6288, 6300, 6500c, 6500s, 6600f, 6600s, 6630, 6670, 6681
Nokia 7xxx: 7070, 7270, 7310c, 7360, 7370, 7373, 7500, 7610
Nokia Nxx: N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N81, N82, N93, N95 2 gb, N95 8 gb, N96, N97
Nokia 8600 luna
Nokia Exx: E50, E51, E65, E66, E90, E91

Samsung A800
Samsung Cxx: C128, C130, C140, C160, C170, C180, C300, C400
Samsung E350
Samsung Dxx: D500, D980
Samsung Fxx: F258, F250L, F480, F490
Samsung Jxx: J700, J750
Samsung Lxx: L760, L770
Samsung U600, U700, U800, U900

Motorola E6, K1, K2, K3, L6, L7, U3, U9, V3, V3x, V8, V9, Z1, Z3, Z6

Sony Ericsson Cxx: C702, C902, C905
Sony Ericsson Kxx: K510, K530, K550, K610, K600, K750, K850
Sony Ericsson Gxx: G502, G705
Sony Ericsson P1
Sony Ericsson Wxx: w300, w302, w350, w395, w550, w580, w595, w660, w660, w610, w700, w705, w760, w800, w810, w880, w890, w900, w902, w905, w905, w910
Sony Ericsson X1
Sony Ericsson Zxx: Z520, Z610

LG KF750, KF755
LG KU990
LG KE850, KE970

If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Apple iPhone OS3!

July 31, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

Apple iPhone OS3 Software

Apple iPhoneThe new OS3 software for the iPhone (1st Gen, 3G and 3Gs) has now been released.

With the new software, comes some much needed updates!

I have found in my own experiences that my iPhone runs smoother using the new OS3 firmware, and would recommend that everyone update / have their phone updated to OS3.

Below are listed some of the improvements to the iPhone software;

*Cut, copy and paste
*Landscape keyboard
*Spotlight search
*Voice memos
*Improved calendar
*Buy Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks
*Enhanced Stocks App
*Safari Improvements
*Internet Tethering
*Automatic Wi-Fi Login
*Sync Notes
*Parental Controls
*YouTube Login
*Shake to Shuffle
*New Languages
*MobileMe Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe

Please note, if your phone was purchased overseas and you update your firmware you your phone will lock and you will need to have it unlocked again.

One of the problems that have been identified with updating to OS3 is that in some phones with this software, once the phone is unlocked and you enter a sim card, the phone says “no service”. We have just recently found a “fix” for this issue so we are able to repair your phone if this happens.

Customers wanting their iPhone unlocked (1st Gen / 3G / 3Gs) or a quote for repair – click here

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Softbank 820SC by Samsung unlocked!

July 16, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

Softbank 820SC by Samsung unlocked!

Softbank 820SC by Samsung unlocked!
We have managed to unlock a Softbank 820SC (by Samsung) – And now have support for most Softbank mobile phones.

If you have a Softbank mobile phone (or any model in general) that needs unlocking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other softbank models supported: 705SC, 706SC, 707SC, 707SC2, 708SC, 709SC, 730SC, 731SC, 805SC, 820SC, 821SC, 920SC, 930SC, 931SC

Once unlocked, the phone will still be able to access media and use the camera (Some companies can unlock the phone, but you will lose accessibility of your camera / phone’s media)

Obtain a free quote

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HTC Supported Models

June 10, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

We have composed a list of HTC models – We are able to unlock the following HTC phones

2125, 2125 Cingular, 3125, 3125 Cingular, 8125, 8125 Cingular, 8525, 8525 Cingular, Advantage X7500, Advantage X7501, Ameo T-Mobile, Android Google G1

Alpine, Arte110, Artemis, AT&T Tilt, Athena, Athena Advantage, Blueangel, Census, Charmer, Clamshell, Cruise 3650, Cruise Touch

Diamond, Dopod 838 Pro, Dopod CHT9100, Dopod D810, Dopod P800, Dopod S300, Dopod S310, Dopod U1000, E650 Orange, ELF, ELF Innovation, EXCA100, EXCA200, EXCA210, Excalibur, Excalibur T-Mobile, Gene Dopod D600, G1 Android

Hera 110, Herald, Herald T-Mobile Wing, Herald VPA Compact, Herm 200, Herm 300, Hermes, Hermes Softbank X01HT1, Hermes V1605, Himalaya, Hurricane, HT1100, Innovation 3125, Jade, Juno, Kaiser, Magician

MDA: 3, 4, Compact, Compact II, Dash Mail, S621, T-Mobile Compact, Touch Plus, Vario, Vario2, Vario III

Meteor, Monet, MPX200, MPX220, MTeoR, NIKI, Oxygen Orange C100

Qtek: 8200, 8310, 8500, 9090, 9100, S100, S100 SX66, S200

PXXX: P3300, P3350, P3400, P3450, P3450 Touch, P3600, P3650, P4350, P4550, P5500, P6300, P6500

Palm Treo 750, PDA2K, PHOE100, Phoebus, Polaris, Prophet

SXXX: S310, S411, S420, S620, S621, S630, S710, S730

SDA, SDA 2, SDA T-Mobile, SDA US, SFR V1615, Shadow, Shift, SMT 5600, Softbank X01HT, Softbank X01T, Softbank X02HT

SPV: C500, C550, C600, C700, E200, E600, E650 Orange, F600, M500, M600, M650, M700 Orange, M2000, M2500, M3000, M3100

StarTrek, Tilt AT&T, TSM520, T-Mobile MDA Touch, Tornado, Touch, Touch Dual, Touch Cruise, Trion, Trin100, Trinity, Typhoon, TyTN, TyTN2, Universal, v1605, v1615 SFR, Virgin Lobster 700TV, Vivida, Vodafone VPA Compact, Vodafone V1415, VOX, Wings, Wiza200, Wizard, X7500

XDA: II Minis, III, 2i, 2 Mini, 2s, 3, Neo, Nova, Orbit, Trion, Cosmo

XV6600, Xperia (X1) Sony Ericsson

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BlackBerry 9500 Storm Unlocked!

May 28, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

BlackBerry 9500 Storm unlocked!

BlackBerry 9500 Storm unlocked!
We just unlocked a BlackBerry 9500 Storm – Now the customer can use it on Vodafone NZ (and the two new networks starting soon) – Other models supported for unlocking (but not limited to);

5xxx: 5790, 5810, 5820

6xxx: 6210, 6220, 6280, 6230, 6510, 6710, 6720

7xxx: 7100, 7100g, 7100i, 7100r, 7100t, 7100v,7100x, 7105t, 7130c, 7130e, 7130g, 7130v, 7210, 7230, 7250, 7280, 7290, 7510, 7520, 7730, 7750, 7780

8xxx: 8100, 8100 Pearl, 8110, 8120 Pearl, 8220 Pearl Flip, 8300 Curve, 8310, 8310 Curve, 8320 Curve, 8700, 8700c, 8700f, 8700g, 8700r, 8700v, 8703e, 8705g, 8707, 8707g, 8707v, 8800, 8801, 8820, 8830 World Edition, 8900 Curve

9xxx: 9000 Bold, 9500 Storm, 9530 Storm

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Motorola mobile phone unlocking

April 27, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

Motorola’s Evoke QA4 Touchscreen Phone

Motorola Evoke QA4 Touchscreen Phone
With the release of the new Motorola Evoke QA4 touchscreen phone, we thought we would review Motorola unlocking.

Below is a list of the majority of Motorola phones supported for unlocking

As always, we cannot list all models (The already lengthy list would be even longer!)

If you need one of the following models unlocked (network lock, security lock etc) or repaired, or simply if your mobile phone is not listed, feel free to contact us

Listed in groups:

Motorola Axxx: A1000; A1010; A1200; A630; A668; A728; A732; A760; A768; A780 A820; A830; A835; A840; A845; A860; A910; A920; A925;

Motorola Cxxx: C113; C115; C116; C117; C118; C121; C123; C139; C140; C150; C151; C155; C156; C157; C168; C168i; C200; C201; C202; C205; C210; C213; C215; C222; C236; C250; C257; C261; C266; C268; C330; C331; C332; C333; C334; C335; C336; C350; C350l; C350v; C353; C355v; C359v; C370; C380; C385; C390; C450; C450l; C550; C650; C651; C698P; C975; C980;

Motorola Exxx: E1; E1000; E1001; E1060; E1070, E1075; E1120; E2; E3; E310; E360; E365; E370; E375; E378i; E380; E390; E396; E398; E550; E6; E680; E720v; E725; E770; E790; E8; E815; E816; E920; EM28; EM30; EM325;

Motorola Fx: F3; Fone F3c

Motorola Ix: i833; i836

Motorola Kx: K1; K1s; K1m; KUV; K3;

Motorola Lx: L2; L2000; L6; L6 i-mode; L7; L7 i-mode; L71; L7189; L72; L7e; L9;

Motorola Mxxx: M1000; M702iG; M702iS; Moto Q; Moto Q8; Moto Q9;

Motorola MPx: MPx; MPx100; MPx200; MPx220; MPx300;

Motorola MSxxx: MS100; MS230; MS280; MS300; MS340; MS400; MS550;

Motorola Rxxx: MS100; MS230; MS280; MS300; MS340; MS400; MS550;

Motorola Rx/Ux: R880; U3; U6; U9;

Motorola Vxxxx: V1000; V1050; V1075; V1100; V1150;

Motorola Vxxx: V150; V151; V170; V171; V175; V176; V177; V180; V186; V188; V190; V191; V195; V200; V220; V226; V230; V235; V237; V260; V262; V263; V265; V295; V300; V303; V330; V360; V360v; V365; V400; V500; V501; V505; V510; V525; V525m; V535; V540; V545; V547; V550; V551; V555; V557; V560; V600; V620; V635; V690; V700; V710; V872; V878; V890; V975; V980;

Motorola Vxx: V60; V60i; V66; V66i; V70; V80;

Motorola Vx: V3; V3i; V3r; V3t; V3v; V3x; V3xx; V6; V8; V9; V3re (V3_06); V3xx

Motorola Wxxx: W156; W160; W161; W170; W175; W177; W180; W181; W205; W206; W208; W209; W213; W215; W218; W220; W230; W233; W270; W360; W375; W377; W380; W385; W388; W396; W397v; W450; W490; W510;

Motorola Wx: W5;

Motorola Zx: Z3; Z6; Z8; ZN5; ZN200;

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New Nokia phones unlocked!

March 24, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

New Nokia N95 8GB unlocked!

Nokia N95 8GB Unlocked
When Nokia released the new mobile phones (with the BB5* security) it was said that they would “never be able to be unlocked”…Ha!

We recently managed to unlock a Nokia N95 8GB, the phone was purchased and locked to a UK network.

Now that the phone is unlocked the customer can use the phone on Vodafone NZ or any other GSM network worldwide.

New Nokia models supported for unlocking
Nokia 3120c, 3555, 5320, 5310, 5610, 5610d, 6110, 6120c, 6121c, 6124c, 6210, 6220c, 6263, 6290, 6301, 6500c, 6500s, 6555, 6650, 7500, 7900, 8800 Art, E51 E63, E66, E71, N78, N81, N81 8GB, N79, N85, N82, N95 8GB and N96

We support over 98% of all Nokia models, if you have questions regarding having your mobile phone unlocked, please contact us


*Base Band 5, often abbreviated as BB5, is a network locking system implemented on newer Nokia mobile phones. The system is designed to prevent unlocking of handsets which has not been approved by Nokia or the network

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Unlock the Apple iPhone for Vodafone NZ

March 19, 2009 — Category: Mobile phone

Unlocking the Apple iPhone (1st Gen / 3G)

Apple iPhone Unlocking
Many customers have requested that we unlock their iPhone to v2 firmware and above.

There are a few guides on the internet how to unlock the iPhone, some guides go as far as to permanently hard code your WiFi adapter’s MAC address (Which is obviously bad).

We understand it can be an overwhelming experience for many people. If you’ve tried to unlock your iPhone, or simply do not want to risk trying it yourself, we offer an Apple iPhone unlocking service from only $59.95.

We are able to help with the 3G iPhone and 1st Gen iPhone.

Customers wanting their iPhone unlocked – click here for a free quote

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